Des idées pour Gatineau et des bonnes idées de Gatineau. 

Lire l’article ici.

Voici un exemple inspirant de ce qui se fait en Angleterre sur les abords de route et que  j’aimerais proposer pour notre ville.

Consultez le reportage de la BBC.

Des zones ados pour les jeunes, plein de bonnes idées.

Un skatepark, des toilettes, des abreuvoirs, des zones d’ombre, un mur d’escalade, un pump-track, des hamacs, un spot à feu de camp, pourquoi pas!

How to reduce road kill

Interesting article by Bloomberg CityLab

5 Ways to Rewrite the Rules of the Road

First, we need to diversify the people who codify road design. AASHTO, the code councils and the federal agency writing the MUTCD are dominated by white, male engineers who are trained to prioritize driver speed. We need women, people of color, transit users and bike-pedestrian advocates to bring new perspectives and cultural competencies into the conversation. We must also adopt the techniques already deployed by designers of slow or complete streets, which incorporate such features as narrower lanes, curb extensions (or bulb-outs), and chicanes to bring vehicle speeds down. This change must start at the top: The Department of Transportation and other federal agencies must no longer accept lopsided rules, written largely in secret, with a disparate impact on so many diverse road users. It’s time to update and revise those federal standards, which will allow state and local standards to evolve as well.